Rug Cleaning Services

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Rug Cleaning Experts

Old World Rugs offers expert rug cleaning and repair services. We have decades of experience caring for rugs of all types. Call us today and we can schedule a time to pick your rug up for cleaning or you can drop your rug off anytime at our downtown location in San Luis Obispo.

Even with regular home care, professional area rug cleaning is a must to extend the life of your rug and bring out its natural beauty and bright colors. The average time recommended between professional cleanings is 12-18 months. If your rug is in a heavy traffic area, or if you have pets or suffer from airborne allergies, you may need to clean more often.


Our Process

Upon receiving your rug, we identify the fiber type, origin, and style to determine the appropriate cleaning method. We carefully inspect the rug for stains, burns, holes, and other issues in order to assure that we address any special circumstances your rug may have. We check for color fastness to determine if the dyes will bleed and apply a Dye Fix if needed.

Since the majority of a rug’s soil is insoluble, the best method for removal is ‘dusting,’ the process of removing the deeply embedded abrasive soils that cause the rug to wear prematurely. We begin by using a special piece of equipment to gently beat the back of the rug to loosen the deeply embedded soils. Next, we use compressed air to blow out all the remaining fine particulate matter.

We remove soluble soils by gently agitating mild detergents into the rug’s fibers using specialty rug cleaning equipment and techniques. The fringes are hand cleaned on both sides until they look their best. The soluble soils and detergents are thoroughly rinsed from the rug. A restorative conditioning product is then applied to the fibers, restoring their luster and making them feel soft.

Once clean, the rug is dried in our custom made dry room. As the rug dries, we use pile-fluffing techniques to deliver a luxuriously soft rug. No rug leaves our cleaning facility until it meets our high standards of cleanliness.

Optional carpet protection and insect repellent products can be applied which prevent staining, increase vacuum efficiency, and discourage insect activity, making your rugs look better and last longer.

If the rug will be stored after cleaning, we can wrap the rug in a breathable Tyvek paper, keeping the rug safe and clean.


Services Offered

  • Urine Decontamination - Accidents happen, luckily we can help. Using our large rug baths, we can sanitize the rug and remove all the contamination
  • Rug repair - Whether repairing fringes or fixing and securing holes or tears, we can help your rugs to last for years to come
  • Carpet Protection - We offer a carpet protection product that can be applied to your rug after cleaning that helps the rug to be more stain resistant and easier to clean
  • Rug Storage - Remodeling? No space for that big rug? We offer short/long term storage of rugs in our warehouse facility
  • Rug Padding - We have several types of rug pad that can help prevent your rug from slipping or bunching up while providing a nice cushion that helps the rug to last longer while making it nicer to walk on
  • Delivery - We can pickup and deliver your rug if needed. Some rugs are large and may be under heavy furniture but we can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment