At Home Care

Taking care of your rug at home is fundamental to keeping your rug looking its best between professional cleanings.

Vacuum Between Professional Area Rug Cleanings

Proper maintenance includes regularly vacuuming your rug on both sides. Vacuuming removes dirt, dust, and reduces allergens that are trapped within the fibers keeping rugs clean between professional cleanings. Regularly vacuuming the dirt and dust out of your rug will extend the life of your rug.

Vacuum your rug back and forth, parallel with the fringe (long ways). Avoid vacuuming across the pile (short ways) and over the fringes, as this can damage your rug.

Spot Clean

It is perfectly safe to spot-clean your rug in between professional cleanings. We recommend Woolite™ or non-dyed soap, like Ivory™ diluted with water for everyday spills and accidents. Blot (don’t rub) gently with a white terry-cloth towel, and make sure to wick out as much water as possible.

For tough stains like wine, coffee, urine, etc., give us a call to book a professional cleaning as soon as possible.

Rotate Rug for Even Wear

Most dyes used in handmade rugs are durable and made to last forever, however due to foot traffic and long-term exposure to sunlight, your rug will most likely wear unevenly. In order to prevent this, we recommend rotating your rug annually, or perhaps more often if you have a lot of traffic or sunlight.

You may also consider window treatments in order to limit your rug's exposure to the sun. Believe it or not, your heavy furniture can also cause damage and undesired wear to your rug. If your furniture is heavy, the legs may crush the fibers of your rug and create permanent dents. A great solution is to use furniture coasters under each leg to prevent depressions in your rug. 

Invest in a Rug Pad

Using a proper rug pad extends the life of your rug. A custom rug pad will prevent slipping, absorb sound, and provide cushioning and softness. Old World Rugs can outfit you with a custom rug pad to suit any rug size, thickness, and floor type.